DOs & DON’Ts While Your Work Permit Application is in Process

While your application is pending, you CAN (DO):

  • Travel to the host country for business meetings only and look-see site trips. Your anticipated stay shouldn’t be longer than 5-10 business days. Important to note that prior to your travel for business purposes you should obtain manager confirmation and approval before booking your business flight.
  • Once the required approval is received, you should notify your new HR contact of your travel plans, and they will coordinate relevant temporary entry visas and any other required steps if needed.

 While your application is pending, you CAN NOT (DON’T):

  • Start working in the host country*. This includes:
    • Productive, hands-on, profit earning work, or any activities that don’t fit within the scope of a general business visit (exploring business opportunities, attending business meetings/discussions, making sales calls, attending a conference or seminar or training)
    • Bill your clients in the host country for any type of service
  • Receive a salary or other remuneration from the employer in the host country
  • Book your final transfer one-way airfare ticket
  • Obtain business cards showing the office address in the host country
  • Travel to your host country for business purposes with a copy of your new employment offer issued by the employer in the host country

*Regardless of the start date your assignment/offer letter, you can’t start working in the host country until your work permit is approved!


Note: This document is for general informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Immigration regulations are subject to change without notice. Processing times for all work permit applications quoted by the immigration offices in the host country are approximations based on normal circumstances; however, these are not guaranteed and can vary for individual cases and volume of migrations into the country. For the most current detailed guidelines, please contact Pearl Law Group.