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Business Challenge

“We’re well beyond code orange. Any day I’m going to get the call from an executive turned away at an airport because the immigration officer believed he needed a work permit.”

– Global Mobility Director,Fortune 500 Company

At many companies, traveling employees are routinely popping in and out of countries without the global mobility department’s knowledge or effective evaluation. With governments increasing the enforcement of immigration rules and regulations, it may only be a matter of time before your company gets in serious trouble.

Governments want to ensure that:

  • Business travelers are not overstaying their welcome
  • Local jobs are protected by restricting visitors from engaging in work that otherwise would have been offered to the local workforce
  • Tax is collected from corporate and individual travelers

The good news is that there are ever-improving methods for improving the company’s compliance. Even if you can’t get to “perfect,” government and private sector systems now give you ways to demonstrate “good faith” efforts to do the right thing in all countries.

Learn the 5 systematic solutions to help your company protect its traveling employees and its reputation with border authorities around the world:

  1. Have a robust Immigration Management System, for online, real-time case initiation, tracking and reporting.
  2. Implement a business traveler tracking program, in collaboration with Corporate Travel and Tax Departments.
  3. Facilitate systematic enrollment in all Trusted Traveler and consular preference programs.
  4. Provide a tool for business travelers who don’t need a work permit, but need to know the rules regarding Visitor Visas, Health, Cash, Passport validity, etc.
  5. Post extensive online self-help resources for employees.

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