The Vision:

  • Minimize the hassle of legal compliance
  • Replace expensive legal advice with software

Introducing PermisoTM:

Delivered as an SaaS (software as a service) application, users receive fast, easy assessment of travel plans. Through integration with travel, HRIS and immigration systems, PermisoTM quickly and automatically considers:

  • Country of citizenship and residence of the traveler;
  • Immigration and tax rules for travel destination(s); and
  • Individual travel and visa history.
While other tools offer only an assessment of a single trip in isolation, PermisoTM takes past, current and future trips into account, and offers a sophisticated, holistic approach, including:

  • Single screen assessment to determine visa or work permit requirements
  • Travel tips and recommendations automatically customized for each traveler’s specific circumstance
  • Integrated workflow for immigration professionals to manage visa/work permit processing
  • Enterprise wide reporting of travel completed, travel assessments initiated/completed including permit/visa requirements

Technology Platform