What is it?

Consider the following situation and consider how would this be handled in your organization?

Example Situation

A business traveler has a one week business trip to Brazil. They know what they need to do and just want to book the trip and go. They call travel, make the booking, are told that they probably need a business visa. You know it is a more complex decision than what travel says!

The ‘Compliant’ Approaches Available

The “Rule of Thumb” Assessment
Traditionally travelers simply consider their citizenship (passport type) and decide if they need a tourist or a business visa. There are free online tools to make this easier but they neglect two important factors:

  • What the traveler will do on the trip
  • Any travel history to the destination

For taxes the traveler simply assumes there are no implications.

The “Expert” Approach
The specific situation of the traveler needs to be assessed.
Information including their citizenship, their travel history and their actual planned activities on this trip all have to communicated with an immigration professional to perform the assessment. This is inconvenient, takes time and is expensive.

The immigration expert then has to look up the ever changing regulations for that destination and get back to the traveler (this is done in days not in minutes.)

For taxes the finance department typically requests information from travel when they suspect there may be an issue.

A New Approach
A software solution that integrates with travel systems to let the traveler complete an assessment in a minute The system:

  • Automatically collects travel history from travel systems
  • Asks the traveler country (and company) specific questions about what will be done on the trip
  • Instantly delivers a comprehensive assessment

For taxes, the traveler is automatically flagged if their personal tax situation is impacted and the company has instant access to the information to make corporate tax decisions.

The Result

The traveler flies to Brazil and is questioned by immigration:

  • “Rule of Thumb”: the traveler shows their business visa, and when asked what they will be doing says they will be speaking at a conference. The immigration agent refuses entry. The traveler is put on a plane to leave Brazil.
  • Permiso and the “Expert”Approach: the traveler requires a work permit to speak at a conference. Securing the permit is automatically triggered (by Permiso or the “expert” respectively.) Furthermore the traveler is advised what to say if/when questioned by the immigration agent. The difference isĀ  Permiso is less hassle, quicker and cheaper for the traveler and the organization!